Classic Pawdicure

  • Nails clipped and filed.
    Under 50lb $15 - Over 50lb $25

Traditional Pawdicure

  • Nails clipped, filed, cleaned & conditioned, combined with ear cleaning.
    Under 50lb $20 - Over 50lb $35

Relaxation Pawdicure and some Pizzazz

  • Nails are clipped, filed, cleaned, conditioned, paw massage, ear cleaned,
    mini-fresh smile (teeth wipes). Nail painting optional.

"Fresh- Smile" (Included w/"Celebrity")

  • Teeth brushed with tartar control toothpaste.

"Fresh Ends"

  • Anal glands expressed, plus the rear end is freshened with waterless foam shampoo brushed into their coat.

Guest Accommodations

  • Choice of cage-free play or private accommodations (cats and non-social pets). Pet must be reasonably clean with no fleas. Only 30lbs or less. Must have proof of current vaccination records including rabies, Bordetella, and parainfluenza. Dog-friendly. Includes: walk, treat and playtime.
    4 Hours: $25 & Up - 8 Hours: $40 & Up

*Prices are for regularly maintained and groomed pets, free of matts with manageable behavior and temperament. It’s also based on Breed, Coat type, weight and are subject to change without prior notice. Proof of vaccinations (especially rabies) are required.