Our Mission

To our clients, we promise:
-To offer a great experience.
-To be fair, respectful, affectionate, and attentive.
-To not only offer a great service and product but also to pioneer in finding new ways to help strengthen our relationship.
-To be highly ethical, trustworthy, and competitive.
-To inspire the spirit of each pet and its parent one at a time!

To our people, we promise:
-To offer a great environment to work in.
-To be fair and respectful to all.
-To not only offer great benefits but also to pursue new ways to help balance work and home.
-To be there when it counts.
-To help our people grow with us!

To our community, we promise:
-To play an active role in our communities.
-To be fair and respectful and to mirror our markets.
-Not to only offer great values, but to continuously find new ways to help our communities become a little better every day.
-To be there when it counts.

And we will never break our promise!

Our Goal Is To

• Build a long lasting relationship with our pets and their parents;
• Make a long lasting impression on our pets and their parents;
• Offer a unique pet experience;
• Raise the industry standards in a revolutionary approach to both pet parents and their pets;
• Gather all pet lovers under one roof;
• Raise pet care awareness to its highest level;
• Do it so elegantly, that it becomes an icon of both worlds, Human and Pet alike;
• Lead by example

In an emotion-invested endeavor like the pet grooming industry, PJ Noah
PetSalon (PJNPS) is not your everyday pet grooming Salon. We want to
pioneer great practices and with that revolutionize the pet grooming
industry. Our goal is to help elevate the industry to the highest
standards of care. Our Pet Grooming Open Door policy is to let the world
know that we have nothing to hide and lot to be proud of! This should
mark a new era in pet grooming. This concept was born of the concerns of
many PetParents about the lack of transparency in the grooming process.

At PJNPS you are encouraged to tour the facility and observe your pet’s grooming experience. You can see first-hand how expertly and lovingly your dog or cat will be treated. Our PetSalon features the fines & latest in skills and expertise as well as technology; for example, hydraulically-operated tubs and tables. We employ and train highly skilled groomers who love animals to no end. Our PetSalon also features Wi-Fi,  an elegant and pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for Pet Parents for as long as they wish to stay and observe the process, in this unique open environment. Our goal is to see that your pet receives the finest of grooming experiences, with prices commensurate with that of other grooming establishments.

PJ Noah PetSalon Dog Grooming

1) State of the art equipment,
2) Modern, clean, hygienic and open environment,
3) Highest quality and safest products for your pet,
4) A pet loving grooming staff with the highest of standards and integrity.

Speaking of a great staff; we place a priority on quality and safety, and only hire attentive, knowledgeable, and responsible people. Our staff is dedicated to treating every dog and cat with the personalized attention that it deserves. They are experienced with all breeds of dogs and cats, and can provide breed-specific cuts and trims. We will have the care and welfare of your pet as our top priority.

Our Difference

Hydraulic Lift Bathtubs
Safe for pet and bathers. No heavy lifting or danger of dropping pets. It’s also easier for pet to get in and out of the tube! Rest assured, your pet and our staff are safe in our PetSalon!

Hydraulic Lift Grooming Tables
This is one of the most stable professional tables on the market. The lifting mechanism ensures that the table is always evenly supported to prevent wobbling and shaking. The super-size will accommodate any grooming situation. The stainless steel full overhead arm allows full arm versatility. The table has dual sided foot controls, easy cleaning surface, and a heavy-duty motor with a 250 lb. capacity. Rest assured, your pet and our staff are always safe in our PetSalon!

Double Containment Doors
For pet’s safety, our PetSalon is equipped with double containment doors. No chance a pet can escape. Rest assured, your pet and our staff are safe in our PetSalon!

Water Conditioning System
This salt free, soft water, is also citrus based. This is very gentle on a pet`s sensitive skin. Softened water helps cleanse skin & hair better, creating a shinier and a squeaky-clean finish to the coat. It also helps with protecting the coat against damages caused by brushes or detangling tools by leaving the coat, free of heavy build up created by other impurities found in most water supplies. This way, detangling, drying and brushing the hair is easier on the coat there for less irritation on the skin.

Tank-less Water Heaters
Temperature controlled water cannot be too hot or cold for our pets. That’s why we have a Tank-less Water Heater which is safer and more comfortable for your pet. It also saves energy and easier on our environment.

Air Purifiers
It protects you, your pet, and us from harmful chemicals, gases and odors, helping us create that ultimate PetSalon Experience.

Rubber Floors
Safe and insulates against cold and damp surfaces. It is comfortable and avoids slipping accidents; keeping your pet and favorite grooming staff always healthy and accident free; waiting to serve you. Its made from 100% recycled domestic rubber.

Cage Free Area
An area where pets can play freely on a rubber tile floor (for safety)., while waiting to be picked up. It’s for those who prefer it over a cage.

Low Noise Hairdryers
Keeps pets calmer, and the drying less stressful by creating less drying noise.

Comfortable Waiting and Viewing Area
Elegant & comfortable setting, with a unique ambience, refreshments, and a retail area. You can enjoy watching your pet being groomed.