Summer Seasonal Tips

Summer brings warm temperatures and possible heat waves.  This also brings parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.  Fleas and mosquitos flourish when it is humid with hot to warm temperatures and ticks typically dry hot temperatures.  All require a host animal to feed on for survival and they can carry dangerous disease and viruses that can pass to pets and humans.  Fleas can cause your pet to be very uncomfortable and suffer from skin problems such as flea bite dermatitis.  If not kept under control fleas and ticks can create severe infestations and a pet can become severely anemic and in some cases, require a blood transfusion.  Mosquitos can carry deadly disease and can pass heartworm, which is also life threatening, to your pet.  There are a variety of flea, tick, and mosquito control products available that you can discuss with your veterinarian.

If your pet does not have fleas but you enjoy taking him for walks or to parks, you may want to use a botanical product that is “pesticide free”, such as JP Tea Tree Conditioning Spray.  Tea Tree can be used as a natural repellant for fleas and mosquitos.   Tea Tree Shampoo can be used if your pet is suffering from flea bite dermatitis or if you are looking for a “pesticide free”, flea control shampoo alternative.  Ask our PJNPS expert stylist about the benefits of the “Exhilarating Tea Tree Treatment” when your pet comes into our salon for their next grooming.

Make sure to always check your pet’s body and coat thoroughly all over for ticks after walks, hikes, visits to the park, and especially while camping.  If you find a tick, dab it with mineral oil then remove it carefully with tweezers.   Be careful that you remove the entire tick including the head then dispose of it properly.  Never use a match to remove a tick!

Many owners and their pets are participating in typical summer activities such as swimming, going to the beach, the river, or camping.  So, an easy maintenance style is a popular request.  Typically, these are shorter puppy clips or very short smooth clips. Just remember that your pet’s coat helps with ventilation in the summer to keep your pet cool.  So, if you do prefer a short sassy clip for your pet, then make sure they have plenty of shade available.  If it gets too hot outside, make sure that your pet and can come indoors.  If you have a white dog and their coat is clipped short they can get sunburn so, make sure you protect them.

If your pet is going to participate in water activities and you would like to keep their coat long, it is very important to brush and comb the wet coat thoroughly before allowing the coat to dry.  This is important, so the coat does not mat.

Your PJNPS stylist can show you which brush and comb are best for your pet’s coat and how to use JP Detangle Spray to make the job easier.

→ A few important reminders for summer:

Never leave a pet in a car unattended.  A car can get very hot even with the windows cracked.  In most cities, it is against the law to leave a pet in a car unattended.

Make sure that your pet has shade and always clean drinking water available.

Remember, when walking your dog, the pavement can be very hot on the pads of their feet.

You should never allow your dog to walk on the hot asphalt of parking lots and streets because this can cause serious burns on the pads.  Even if the temperature outside is only warm to us, the asphalt can be hot.

For outdoor dogs, you can rotate frozen water bottles for them to lye next to, so they can keep themselves cooler.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with ID tags when camping or participating in outdoor activities.

Keep your pet safe and protected by making sure they are up to date on their vaccinations.

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