• PJN Classic Oatmeal Wash and Blow Out

    Perfect for all pets especially those with dry or sensitive skin or any pet with allergies

    “Classic Oatmeal Wash and Blow Fresh”: To achieve excellence, your pet will be washed twice with our wonderful Oatmeal shampoo for deep cleaning, Puppy Tearless facial and Oatmeal conditioning rinse along with getting their ears cleaned and choice of a bow or bandana!

  • PJN Traditional Oat-Wash and Fresh

    Our most popular bath, perfect for all pets especially those who enjoy freshening up!

    “Traditional Oat-Wash and Fresh”: Offers everything in Classic Oatmeal Wash and Blow Out, plus Hydro-therapy Massage, Fresh-End (anal glands expressed)*, Mini-Fresh Smile, Classic Mini Pawd.

  • PJN Mini Trim & Mini Pawdi

    Perfect for pets who need a little neaten up in between full styling service!

    Mini Trim + Mini Mani is just that, Mini trim, Mini Pawdicure. It includes everything in the “Traditional Oat-Wash and fresh” plus Fluff, Pads clipped, Bangs and Sani trimmed as well as traditional pawdicure.

  • PJN Mini Make Over

    Perfect for pets that need more than a neaten up but not a full groom!

    Mini Make Over includes everything in the “Mini Trim”, along with Scissoring Paws, Outline/Profile of the pet, and or Breed Head Trimmed (for Poodles clipped Face, Feet, and Tail.)

  • PJN Celebrity Make Over

    Perfect for pets with a long coat that requires regular clipping and styling or pets with breed clips.

    Includes everything your Celebrity would expect: A full-service Bath, Groom, and Styling. It includes everything in the “Mini Make Over” plus a full complete styling for a personalized clip or Breed Clip plus a “Fresh Smile”.

NJ Noah Pet Salon Spa Solutions

*Prices are for regularly maintained and groomed pets, free of matts with manageable behavior and temperament. Additional charges may apply! It is also based on Breed, Coat type, weight and are subject to change without prior notice. Pets staying over 5 hours, will be assets with a spa charges of $15 and up. Proof of vaccinations (especially rabies) are required.A 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice is required or a $25 No-Show fee will apply.