Make Them Adorable and Adoptable

it’s not just about the bottom line. In fact, our concept is more about creating love and awareness than anything else.
We have partnered with our local rescues and shelters, as close as Mission Viejo, and as far away as New Beginnings travel, to make our dogs “Adorable and Adoptable”!

Our “Operation Make Them Adorable and Adoptable” targets the county rescue shelters to get those pets that are in severe need of grooming to be adoptable, and they are groomed free of charge. Operation Make Them Adorable and Beautiful, targets the local rescue centers for the same cause at half price.

Any and all adopted or rescued dogs or cats (with proper paperwork within the first 30 days of adoption) will get their first basic bath for free (Dogs under 25lbs, dogs over 25lbs 50% off) or 40% off grooming that includes a bath as well. All of them are featured on our Facebook, to give rewards & recognition to those who adopted or brought attention to those pets that are still in need of being adopted.

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