Spring Seasonal Tips

Spring is a time for new growth and warmer weather.  Many of the pet’s coats have gotten longer over the winter and as their coat gets longer, you will need to make sure that you have the proper brush and comb for your pet’s coat type.  Especially if you prefer to keep them in longer, fuller coat styles.  The grooming experts at PJ Noah PetSalon are happy to guide you in choosing the correct tools for the task, as well as showing you how to use them.  We want you to be successful in maintaining your pet in between professional grooming so that you can choose to keep the longer coat styles.  Spring can still have chilly mornings and the long coat will make your pet much more comfortable.

In early spring your pet will be able to resume their usually warm weather activities such as playing at the Dog Park and long walks.  Remember to do so in moderation, especially if your pet has been inactive over the winter.  They can get sore muscles just like us from overdoing. Your pet may have a lot of pent-up energy from a lazy winter.  To help with all that extra energy, your pet will enjoy coming to our salon for our “Relaxation Treatment”.  We use JP Calming Moisturizer Shampoo which is wonderful for long coats, dry coats, or damaged coats. In addition to replenishing the coat with gentle moisturizers, your pet will relax and enjoy the full body and paw massage.   This treatment is also great for tired muscles.  And just like when you go to the spa for a massage, your pet will go home relaxed and sleepy from all the pampering.

Make sure to keep Easter chocolate and treats out of the reach of your pet.  It is also a good idea to not leave your pet unattended in a yard full of hidden Easter eggs.  Dogs love to eat all the eggs they can find, eggshell and all!  But, eating too many eggs in one sitting can end in a visit to the veterinarian.  So make sure to monitor your pet during the festivities.

Sometimes if the onset of spring brings lots of warm weather the double coated artic breeds will drop their winter coat leaving shedding coat all over the place.  And pet owners with short-haired dogs may notice that their short hair dog seems to be losing extra hair.  Our Super Shed Treatment is the perfect solution for these breeds.   Your pet will be bathed in JP Calming Moisturizer shampoo, then we use a specialized shedding tool to gently remove the excess shedding coat and the Awapoochi conditioner will moisturize the remaining coats which will help to reduce shedding.

During the spring many families start projects like new planting or landscaping.  Keep in mind that certain plants can be poisonous to pets if ingested.  Azalea’s, Daffodils, Hydrangea’s, and Hyacinths are just a few flowering plants we associate with spring.  All are toxic and can be fatal.  Ask your pet’s veterinarian for a complete list of poisonous plants that you should stay away from and take the list with you when you go shopping at your local gardening center.  Your garden consultant can point you to the plants that are pet-friendly.  Other dangers are fertilizers, potting soil, and bug sprays.  You can usually find similar products that are safe organic alternatives to use instead. Just be sure to seek veterinary help immediately anytime you think that your pet may have ingested something that may be toxic!

Spring is a great time to join an obedience class with your dog or puppy.  It is great socialization for them and learning new things keeps your pet stimulated and happy.   Another fun sport that active dogs really enjoy is called agility.  This is where your dog can learn to go through an obstacle course.   This activity is a great exercise for both the dog and the owner!  If you like to reward your pet during training sessions with treats, visit our salon for a variety of healthy treat options, such as Darford, Primal, and Grandma Lucy’s just to name a few.

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