• Essential Treatments

    Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Perfect for dogs that are bathed weekly, as a monthly treatment; and for pets with extremely dry & damaged coats. Moisturizes the skin and leaves coat soft and luxurious. Single concentrated conditioning application is massaged through the coat; pet is wrapped in warm towels and set under warming dryer for 10 to 15 mins, depending on the coat.

    S-M: $20      L: $30

    Super Shed Treatment

    The Perfect solution for pets that have a tremendous coat and constantly shed, leaving hair all over your home. Your pet is shampooed in a specially formulated de-shed shampoo, conditioner, followed by a special Shed Control Rinse. In addition to traditional brushing, the pet is brushed with a special de-shed tool that removes excess coat on dogs and cats.

    <80lb $30      >80lb $40

    Mini Shed Treatment

    For pets that don′t need a full Super Shed Treatment, but could use a little help with shedding coat. In addition, to traditional brushing, pet is brushed with a special de-shed tool that removes excess coat on dogs and cats.

    <80lb $20      >80lb $25

    De-Matting Treatment

    Perfect for pets with tangled or partially coat. Your pet’s coat is saturated with Detangle solution for pet owners who wish for the mats in their pets coat removed by hand. ($30 for 30m Max/pet)

    $15 for 15 Min

    De-Skunk Treatment

    Perfect for curious dogs that have been skunked or have extreme odors. It requires an additional 30-minute pre-soak in specialty de-skunk odor control solution and shampoo followed by conditioner and odor control emollient.

    $15 for 15 Min

    Play Spa

    The perfect solution for pets receiving spa/grooming services whose owner can′t pick-up their pet till after work. And for owners that desire their pets to be cage-free during their spa day. ½ day free play for dogs 30lb. & under from $15 & up with any grooming services.

    $15 & up

  • The Pizzazz

    Hair Coloring

    • 1 COLOR/1 Area
      $25 & up
    • 2 COLORS/1 Area
      $35 & up
      $30 & up
      $35 & up

    Full Body Tint (1 Color)

    • Pets coat is tinted all over on with tearless non toxic, pet safe veg. dye.
      $50& up

    Soft Claws

    Not just for pizzazz; soft claws are a perfect solution for pets that scratch furniture, draperies, and others.
    Fake nail tips are applied to pet′s nails to prevent scratching.

    • Full Set (16 TIPS)
    • 1/2 Set (8 Tips)
    • Replacements Per Nail Tip
PJ Noah Pet Salon Added Delights

*Prices are for regularly maintained and groomed pets, free of matts with manageable behavior and temperament. Additional charges may apply! It is also based on Breed, Coat type, weight and are subject to change without prior notice. Pets staying over 4 hours, will be assets with a Day Care charges of $20 and up. Proof of vaccinations (especially rabies) are required. A 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice is required or a $25 No-Show fee will apply.