Membership Programs


Membership is charged monthly, it offers our best care on a weekly basis that keeps your puppy always clean, pretty and smelling great. This monthly maintenance program includes your choices of Oatmeal, Tearless, Calming or Super Bright shampoos and conditioner weekly, 52 weeks a year (missed weeks won’t carry over), and one of the included services from Traditional, Mini Trim, Mini Make Over to Celebrity Make Over per month.

From Classic Wash to “Celebrity Make Over”!

Weekly Teeth Brushing!

4 Shampoos including Oatmeal & Tearless!

Appointments are necessary and haircut services are preferred during the weekdays. Excluded weeks are Nov 18-25th & Dec 16-24th.  Long hair kept dogs are slightly more as they tend to take longer for their care. Additional services are additional, however, some discounted.

Because My Pet Deserves It!

P. J. Noah PetSalon

Celebrity Plus


Make our famous “Celebrity Make Over” last even longer by making it a Celebrity Plus!
Get a classic wash within 14 days of the “Celebrity Make Over” for a nominal fee!
This monthly program, is offered to pets who visit regurarly on a monthly basis.

*Prices are for regularly maintained and groomed pets, free of matts with manageable behavior and temperament. Additional charges may apply! It is also based on Breed, Coat type, weight and are subject to change without prior notice. Pets staying over 4 hours, will be assets with a Day Care charges of $20 and up. Proof of vaccinations (especially rabies) are required. A 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice is required or a $25 No-Show fee will apply.